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Pave The Way

towards fairer access for millions of women

For the happiness you deserve

We are loud - because it's not taboo!

What we want to achieve

A new way of reproductive & intimate care for women.

Building unique microbial solutions to help all people with a vagina to regain their reproductive and intimate health in an easy, accessible way.

Fairer and self-determined access to reproductive health.

We want to decentralize - because fertility often takes place in clinics with expensive treatments. Not at all affordable for the majority of those affected. Our solution is for everyone!

Powering up research in reproductive health.

In the background, we conduct research in our own laboratories - we are not just the random supplement company, we are biotech and are here to generate novel findings.

The Brief History of Women's Health

Even in the 21st century, there are still huge gaps in knowledge and information about women's health - now referred to as the "gender health data gap". We have made it our mission to help close this gap by novel research.


Women become part of clinical research

That was just over 30 years ago - before that, women played no role at all in research and clinical trials. It was only with the "Women's Health Initiative" in 1991 that Dr. Bernadine Healy paved the way for more education in women's health - crazy, isn't it?



First gender-specific WHO statistics

It was only in 2019 that the WHO's global health statistics were broken down by gender for the first time. Previously, health was considered the same for different genders - with all the consequences for treatment.



Women's health is kicking off - but really slow

Today women's health still accounts only for just 4% of research and development funding on global healthcare. Women are diagnosed on average 4 years later than men for the same disease. We are here to change that and open up a new realm of women's health.




Studies conducted by globally recognized scientists


Hours of development and testing went into our products


Awareness in cases of ignorance about the vaginal microbiome

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