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With happy | ONE you support your female fertility in a completely new way

happy | ONE is the first daily supplement for a functional female microbiome to support your fertility.

Developed with leading gynecologists & microbiologists

World's #1 microbial fertility solution

Developed to the highest quality standards

Natural ingredients, made for the female body

Microbiome Magic: Enhancing Pregnancy Potential

Women have a unique microbiome that strongly influences overall and reproductive health. These bacteria are sensitive to daily factors like cycle, lifestyle, and stress. Supporting your microbiome with natural ingredients can enhance your health and increase your chances of fertility and a healthy pregnancy, creating optimal conditions for starting a family.

Better female fertility

Reduced risk of miscarriages & premature births

Higher likelihood of IVF success

Lower risk of vaginal infections

happy | ONE supports your natural desire to have children & fertility in 3 steps:

1. Good bacteria for good fertility

happy | ONE is the first unique complex of 13.5 billion good bacteria for your vaginal microbiome. Scientifically developed & protected.


2. Functional vaginal tissues

happy | ONE brings you the ingredients that are important for maintaining & supporting healthy vaginal mucous membranes. For the best foundation for your fertility.


3. Improved intimate immune defense

happy | ONE contains substances to maintain normal immune function, which is essential for egg and sperm health in the female body.


For your daily morning routine:

Take a pouche of happy | One...

only one capsule a day..

let the microbiome-magic happen.

Reproductive Microbiome featured in

We focus on highest quality standards

We are guided by the latest findings from science and industry experts to ensure that happy | ONE is always perfectly tailored to the female body.

✓ Scientifically sound - researched by experts

We have built a dedicated team of scientists and microbiologists, as well as a scientific advisory board of leading reproductive experts, to bring you the latest standard in female health - and base our solutions on strong data.

✓ Optimized for the female body

We believe that it is time to establish a completely new way of thinking about the female body and to develop unique solutions for it. Our products are therefore always proprietary and highly innovative.

✓ High-quality ingredients

Only the nutrients that your body can actually utilize will help you. In happy | ONE we therefore use biological substances that occur naturally in the female body and therefore enable unhindered bioavailability.

✓ Controlled quality standards

Our raw materials are produced with leading partners and fermented under highly controlled conditions. With this process, we constantly ensure the consistently high quality of the ingredients of happy | ONE and produce exclusively under tested quality seals - without compromise.


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