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happy | ONE

happy | ONE is the first daily supplement for a functional female microbiome to support your fertility.

In addition to 13.5 billion good bacteria, each capsule contains inulin to build up a functional vaginal mucosa and an immune mix of vitamin C, niacin B3 and biotin.

World's #1 microbial fertility solution

100% natural ingredients

Scientifically tested and safe

Every third euro goes into the research of women's health and female specific disease

€79,00 Regular price

30 units / month.

FERTILITY SYNBIOTIC to support the reproductive tissue microbiome. The new standard for every woman who wants to extend her most fertile lifespan but needs a little support.
Whats inside

Developed to support the female fertility in a natural way. With a highly innovative formula specifically tailored to women's needs, happy | ONE contains a unique complex of pre- and probiotic substances, formulated to provide benefits for reproductive function and tissue health for female adults ages 18+.

How to use

Happiness is that simple: Take your pouche of happy | ONE. Take 1 capsule orally daily with water. Preferably before breakfast on an empty stomach. Best results after 6 months of use - let the microbiome magic happen!

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happy | ONE

€79,00 Regular price
Soya Free
Gluten Free
No Preservatives
Dairy Free

A functional vaginal microbiome is essential for:

Better female fertility

Your microbiome plays a central role when it comes to getting pregnant naturally. A functional microbiome supports your body & your fertility.

Reduced risk of miscarriages & premature births

Vaginal dysbiosis (imbalance of bacteria) is a risk factor for miscarriages & premature births, as it can lead to increased local inflammation.

Higher likelihood of IVF success

The optimization of the female microbiome has also been shown to be a promising new method for increasing the probability of success in artificial insemination (IVF).

Lower risk of vaginal infections

The vaginal microbiome is directly linked to the probability to experience frequent vaginal infections and recurrent UTI's. It also takes on a new role in the prevention of STI's.

Happiness is that simple

Take a pouche of happy | One...

only one capsule a day..

let the microbiome-magic happen.

Our Ingredients are "Womens only"

Probiotic Fertility Blend

>13 Billion unique bacteria per capsule, to supports the essential properties for the reproductive mucous membranes and their age-related functionality.

Activating Mucous Matrix

Everything your "new bacterial helpers" need as food. Upgraded with niacin - essential for energy production, DNA repair, and maintains a normal mucous membrane function.

Female Immune-Mix

Studies indicate that low of vitamin C induces a state of subfertility, reduces overall fecundity. Our mix is made to support your immune-function and natural defense.

Rooted in Science

Happy | One was developed with the help of gynecologists and microbiologists and is based on the scientific findings of our own and external studies.

Clinical Study

70% more good bacteria

happy | ONE contains components that were able to increase the number of good bacteria in a dysbiotic vaginal microbiome by 70%.


In Vitro Study

4.2x higher antioxidative microbial function

happy | ONE contains components that were able to protect from patogenes like e.coli or g.vaginal, produce lactic acid for better pH and had a high antioxidative activity.


Observational Study

Improved vaginal well-being & immunity

An improved vaginal microbiome led to a better vaginal comfort, less discharge and overall well-being.


We perform under highest standards

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