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happy | ONE

#1 Fertility Synbiotic - Set your tissues to fertility mode!

For Family Planning & Fertility Optimization

Backed by 7 microbial studies

Developed with leading OB/GYNs & microbiologists

World's first reproductive ageing solution

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30 units / month.

FERTILITY SYNBIOTIC to support the reproductive tissue microbiome. The new standard for every woman who wants to extend her most fertile lifespan but needs a little support.
Whats inside

Developed to support female fertility and slow down reproductive ageing. With a highly effective formula specifically tailored to women's needs, happy | ONE contains a unique complex of pre- and probiotic substances, formulated to provide benefits for reproductive function and tissue health for adults ages 18+.

How to use

It's easy: Take 1 capsule orally daily with water. Preferably before breakfast on an empty stomach. Best results after 6 months of use.

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happy | ONE

€79,00 Regular price

Why shouldn't you be able to extend the most fertile phase of life?

A healthy vaginal microbiome is associated with:

A lower risk of having troubles conceiving

A lower risk of miscarriage & pre-term birth

A higher IVF cycle success likelihood

Lower risk of recurrent vaginal infections & STIs

the new fertility standard
as normal as folic acid

happy | ONE

Your Benefits

🧑‍🍼 Fertility & Reproductive Outcomes

From the age of 30, women have only less then 1% of their ovarian reserve left - unfortunately, the biological clock ticks against fertility from the late 20's onwards. This makes it all the more important that the remaining eggs are provided with optimal tissue conditions for fertilization. However, healthy reproductive mucous membranes are often an obstacle, as inflammation and dysbiosis make conception more difficult. happy | ONE was specially developed to combine substances that support mucous membranes and combat underlying dysbiosis.

🕰️ Female Reproductive Ageing Processes

Unfortunately, the reproductive capacity of women ages decades before those of men. We think that's unfair! Science is now clear that inflammation and dysbiosis (known in a majority of women but mostly unsymptomatic) play a particularly important role in tissue & reproductive ageing. happy | ONE addresses both mechanisms in order to positively influence them and thus supports the reproductive ageing process for women.

🧫 Artificial Fertilization & Egg Freezing

Studies show that the success rates of artificial insemination are significantly higher with a healthy reproductive microbiome. Every artificial insemination should therefore not only include hormonal treatment - but also support for the microbiome. happy | ONE uses properties that can support the reproductive microbiome thanks to selected pre- and probiotic substances. In the case of social freezing / egg freezing, the period up to the artificial implantation of the egg should be bridged by the targeted supply of microbial substances in order to counteract a deterioration of the reproductive microbiome.

🦠 Vaginal health & Immunity

A healthy "vaginal flora" is important to protect against recurring infections such as bacterial vaginosis or UTIs, as well as fungal infections. Doctors are also increasingly turning to alternatives to antibiotic therapy and see the vaginal microbiome as an important key to the female immune system. happy | ONE is developed to support these microbial properties which are important for vaginal health and intimate immunity.

🔬 Scientific & Sustainable

Developed based on the expertise of leading OB/GYNs, reproductive doctors and microbiologists. happy | ONE is rooted in over 20 years of reproductive & longevity research. We only use environmentally friendly packaging & high-quality certified production. We really care for our planet and customer safety.

Reproductive Microbiome known from


Happy ONE combines study-proven substances and active ingredients to support reproductive possibilities.

Made by Science to build the basis for reproduction.

Probiotic Nyx Complex

Research shows that the administration of precisely selected probiotics, can facilitate the restoration of symbiotic microbiota to increase successful conception and assisted reproductive technology outcomes. Our unique mix of probiotics supports these important properties for the reproductive mucous membranes and their age-related functionality.

Prebiotic Inulin

Prebiotic substances provide a basis for the "nutrition" of bacterial strains, which are important for a stable reproductive ecosystem. Our prebiotic formulation contains inulin from native chicory as the basis for the growth of our probiotic complexes & their optimal function. In addition to positive properties on the bacterial helpers, Inulin contributes to normal intestinal function. Our little add-on.


Also known as vitamin B3. Niacin, essential for energy production, DNA repair, and mucous membrane health, plays a vital role in reproduction, cellular metabolism and longevity. It’s a well studied precursor to NAD+, a coenzyme essential for cellular processes. NAD+ declines with age. Unlike popular NAD+ boosters (NMN or NR), Niacin has been thoroughly studied in human trials for decades, and has been shown to cure NAD+ deficiencies in humans and to contribute to the maintenance of normal mucous membranes. An essential for your reproductive tissues.

Vitamin C

Studies indicate that low of vitamin C induces a state of subfertility, reduces overall fecundity, and adversely impacts both pregnancy outcomes and growth in the offspring. Besides it's high antioxidative effects, vitamin C contributes to a normal collagen formation which is essential for the tissues of the reproductive tract. Furthermore it supports the normal function of the immune system and protection of cells from oxidative stress.

Soya Free
Gluten Free
No Preservatives
Dairy Free

We perform under highest standards

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