Yes - we are not all the same. Especially when it’s about ageing. The female reproductive system in humans ages decades before other organs - which makes it way more complex for women to care about their health & reproduction.

With happy, we develop scientifically based, validated & study-backed products for a new kind of reproductive longevity.


The negative consequences of female reproductive aging are becoming more prevalent as women globally are delaying childbearing and more women are living well beyond menopause due to life-extending medical interventions and advances.

Reproductive Ageing is shown to be a root cause for multiple complaints:

🤰 Infertility & Pregnancy Loss

An imbalanced reproductive microbiome with reduced diversity of species is associated with infertility, pregnancy complications, sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and reduced libido. Studies e.g. show that a vaginal dysbiosis can lead to 40% lower fertility success rates compared with a stable vaginal microbiome and can also influence sperm survival and motility. It is also assumed that premature births are linked to a disturbed vaginal microbiome.

😫 Menopause & Genitourinary Syndrome

Increased vaginal pH caused by reduced estrogen alters the vaginal microbiome, resulting in reduced levels of Lactobacillus. Such changes influence the vaginal structure and functions, contributing to the onset of genitourinary syndrome of menopause. Disruptions in the reproductive microbiome can trigger inflammation, which, in turn, may lead to leading vaginal menopause-symptoms.

🍑 Vaginal Discomfort & Disease
🩺 General Women's Health

Unusual vaginal discharge, vaginal odor, burning, stinging or itching can be indications of a disturbed microbiome. A stable microbiome is therefore a main driver for intimate & tissue health as an important immune factor in the defense against pathogens. Oral administration of our bacterial strains for 10 days therefor resulted in a statistically meaningful reduction of the pathogenic microorganisms.

Did you know?

Only around 1% of your ovarian reserve is left when your reach reproductive age!

At birth, every woman is equipped with all her eggs for life (ovarian reserve). With increasing age, the reserves become smaller and smaller.

On average, only one egg cell per cycle manages to implant in the uterus - the tissue conditions must be optimal to pave the way for sperm to reach the egg cells and for the egg cell to implant healthily.

Impaired tissues & membranes are a massive obstacle, but affect many women without even noticing it.

Why we chose immunology

Healthy Tissues are the basis for reproductive health outcomes.

Studies clearly indicate that impaired vaginal and endometrial mucous membranes caused by immunological reactions (e.g. infections or inflammation) severely restrict fertility.

These immunological reactions (like BV or Endometritis) can be found in up to 70% of women experiencing infertility - it is a problem that is no exception.

These elevated levels of inflammation and oxidative stress due to altered microbiota can negatively affect sperm and egg quality, reducing fertilization and your conception rate.

Studies show that pregnancy rates can be increased 6x with a healthy microbiome.

A unique mechanism

showing how your own body can attack the reproductive capacity when the mucous membranes are pro-inflammatory

The happy Platform


Reproductive microbiota biobank access to +50 clinics and 1,000+ strains catalogue.


Use of in-house transcriptomics and novel sequencing technologies to identify & test single strains & consortia.


Isolation of individual bacteria strains and metabolic factors on selective growth media.


By microbiologic In vitro & In vivo models and immunological testing, using on-a-chip organs.

Our Lab Work

Unlocking The Microbiome

We have made it our mission to be the first company in the world to research and develop non-hormonal microbial solutions for women.

Our Lab Work

Find Novel Reproductive Substances

In our research we sequence and isolate novel substances & bacterial strains from the mucous membranes of infertile women and examine the MOAs of combinations preclinically and clinically.

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