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The science behind happy | ONE

happy | ONE is based on the latest scientific insights into the female microbiome influencing fertility and female health.

Yes, you heard right!
vagina and uterus has its own

When you think of microbiomes, you probably first think of the skin or the gut. But did you know that the vagina and uterus also have their own microbiomes? This female microbiome is our research focus and scientific foundation, as it influences all reproductive processes and women's health.


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Our Science

Happy | One was developed with the help of gynecologists and microbiologists and is based on the scientific findings of our own and external studies.

Clinical Study

70% more good bacteria

happy | ONE contains components that were able to increase the number of good bacteria in a dysbiotic vaginal microbiome by 70%.


In Vitro Study

4.2x higher antioxidative microbial function

happy | ONE contains components that were able to protect from patogenes like e.coli or g.vaginal, produce lactic acid for better pH and had a high antioxidative activity.


Observational Study

Improved vaginal well-being & immunity

An improved vaginal microbiome led to a better vaginal comfort, less discharge and overall well-being.


Scientific Lead of Happy | ONE

Dr. Kinga Kierul

"We develop our supplements in accordance with strict regulations and careful research work together with gynecologists, microbiologists and scientific partners. It is important to us to substantiate our work with external research and at the same time confirm it with internal studies in our laboratory. It goes without saying that we test all products for quality and efficacy and aim to develop the best products in the non-medical food supplement sector for women."

We are working on a healthier and better future for all women.


Reproductive microbiota biobank access to +10 clinics and 1,000+ strains catalogue.


Use of transcriptomics and sequencing technologies to identify single strains & consortia.


Isolation of individual bacteria strains and metabolic factors on selective growth media.


By microbiologic In vitro & In vivo models and immunological testing, using on-a-chip organs.

Artificial Intelligence

To automate rapid genetic readout of microbial properties & their specific reproductive functions.

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